Partial Discharge Monitoring and Alarm System

PD Annunciator™



PD Annunciator ™ is a partial discharge monitoring and alarm system with a unique design. The main module has three monitoring channels and the information needed by the system is obtained by TEV (Transient Earth Voltage), Acoustic or HFCT sensors connected to each channel. By evaluating the incoming signals, it is possible to monitor the partial discharge events that occur in the cells with metal bodies. PD Annunciator ™ has VHF / UHF partial discharge and precise ultrasonic detection, suitable for TEV measurements. By the algorithms that make up the software of the device, it is ensured that the disturbing noise in the environment and the partial discharge event are separated from each other. By connecting more than one PD Annunciator ™ module, it is possible to monitor the partial discharge events occurring in many cells simultaneously. In addition, thanks to the PD Annunciator ™ software, a threshold value can be determined for partial discharge events and an alarm can be generated if the threshold value is exceeded. Thanks to the modbus communication of PD Annunciator ™, it can be integrated into the SCADA system.

  • Instant monitoring of partial discharge events occurring in metal clad cells and energy cables
  • Suitable for TEV, Acoustic & HFCT sensors
  • High precision
  • Rail mounting for metal clad cells
  • Possibility to use multiple modules together
  • PD Annunciator software to analyze measurement data
  • Modbus communication option for instant data monitoring