Power Systems Analysis

GENETEK has developed a wide range of power system analysis capabilities as part of detailed engineering services. It provides different analysis services at many levels, including industrial facilities, distribution or transmission systems, and power generation facilities. Thanks to its internationally valid package programs, it can perform accurate problem definition and solution or system design analyzes with its fast and high accuracy simulations. It ensures the validity of the outputs obtained through the analyzes it performs within the framework of current national and international standards.


GENETEK has a capability for research and development activities naturally with its competent team, who are all electrical engineers and currently continue their academic career. He has been an executive or partner in many R&D projects at the electricity distribution system and industrial level. It has successfully completed the necessary optimization, design, test and application steps in projects with its wide power system analysis capabilities.


GENETEK served many businesses at different electrical system levels, especially the distribution industry. It provided a wide range of different consultancy services from determining the root cause of malfunctions in a facility to the preparation of future investment plans for a distribution system covering many provinces.