The high penetration of renewable generations, underground cables and daily/seasonal loads have introduced more uncertainties and technical challenges in distribution systems. These challenges may result in reactive power flow issues which may not be controlled effectively and end up with voltage regulation problems through the distribution network.

Genetek’s iVSR series shunt reactors provide the power for voltage regulation or reactive power control. They can provide reactive power in steps to control reactive power flow or regulate voltage through reactive power.

Voltage regulation is one of the critical power quality aspects in power systems. Due to this requirement, the voltage level must always be kept within the defined upper and lower limits. Loads that vary substantially between peak and off-peak times or even seasonally can result in distortions in voltage profile through the feeder. Due to these extremes, shunt reactors are required to be installed in most cases. iVSR series shunt reactors are perfectly suited to the need to regulate voltage or support Volt/VAr control in the network.

Core Features

  • Future proof design together with integrated monitoring functions
  • Advanced SCADA communication and cybersecurity features
  • Recorder function
  • Configurable inputs and outputs for external signals
  • Open programmability for desired functions
  • WiSe-Care™: Active self-monitoring for predictive maintenance.
  • Tailor made solution for each case
  • Voltage ratings are available from 6,3 kV to 36 kV

iVSR series shunt reactor is the evolution of conventional variable shunt reactor design. iVSR design allows for improvements in electrical and thermal properties in addition to mechanical strength. Equipped with integrated communication and monitoring functions, iVSR solutions stand out as the most suitable option for new installations and replacement of existing systems.

Brochure: Variable Shunt Reactor

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