The challenges in the distribution grid are becoming increasingly significant and complex with time. Over/under voltages, malfunctions, and failures are happening more frequently and regularly. These issues can have severe consequences, including equipment damage, power outages, and safety hazards. As the electricity demand continues to rise and the distribution grid becomes more strained, the risk of voltage band violations and failures also increases. Therefore, it is vital to take proactive measures to ensure the safety and reliability of the distribution grid, such as upgrades to the infrastructure, and implementation of advanced technologies to prevent power quality issues and to establish a calm network.

Genetek’s iVR series voltage regulators are essential devices to regulate voltage in power distribution systems. iVR series voltage regulator plays a crucial role in enhancing the stability of the power system, which results in the delivery of more reliable electricity services to customers. Additionally, iVR series voltage regulators can enhance energy efficiency and provide cost savings to operators.

Core Features

  • Tailor made solution for each case
  • Future proof design together with integrated monitoring functions
  • Power quality recording functions
  • Advanced SCADA communication and cybersecurity features
  • Configurable inputs and outputs for external signals
  • Line drop compensation function and open programmability
  • WiSe-Care™: Active self-monitoring for predictive maintenance.
  • Voltage ratings are available from 6,3 kV to 36 kV

iVR series voltage regulators can improve the control and management of voltage levels in power distribution systems, iVR series voltage regulators have a unique design that allows for improvements in electrical and thermal properties in addition to mechanical strength with a smaller size compared to conventional voltage regulation technologies. Equipped with state of art integrated communication and monitoring functions, iVR solutions stand out as the most suitable option for new installations and the replacement of existing systems.