CYME software will be your biggest assistant in your engineering works for your facilities and equipment.


With CYME, a comprehensive Electrical Engineering Software is offered, which includes the most advanced analysis methods for transmission, distribution and industrial power systems to users. CYME will be your greatest assistant in your engineering studies with its ease of modeling and user-friendly interface as well as its success in analysis.

Thanks to its modular structure for user needs, CYME provides you with the advantage of having the most ideal program.


CYMCAP software provides very reliable results in order to know in advance the performance of the cables in the improvement works to be made in cable installations, new installations or new cable designs and thus helps you to get the highest efficiency from your investments.

With CYMCAP additional modules that basically perform current carrying capacity and temperature calculations, it allows the user to examine different ambient conditions and analyses.


CYMGRD is an advanced substation grounding system design and analysis software that helps optimization of substation grounding, identify weak points of existing systems and strengthen them.

CYMGRD allows users to make fast and reliable designs with its ease of use and powerful visual graphics capabilities in data entries.