Partial Discharge Detection and Localization System for Power Transformers




Power transformers are of great importance for transmission and distribution systems. Even a transformer being out of operation as a result of a breakdown causes serious material losses.

AE 150 ™ power transformers have been developed for the detection and positioning of partial discharge events with acoustic sensors. AE-150 ™ is easily placed on the outer surface of the transformer boiler with its feet carrying powerful magnets. Thanks to this feature, the AE-150 ™ transformer can be moved across the entire surface of the boiler. The information from the sensor is evaluated with the help of Mirador-Tx software, which contains advanced positioning functions.

  • Preventive maintenance in power transformers
  • Service continuity
  • Detection and positioning of partial discharge events occurring in power transformers
  • Three-dimensional fault location and advanced Mirador-Tx software
  • Easy to install and use
  • Remote measurement and monitoring thanks to wireless communication
  • 8 hours of usage time with internal battery
  • Portable structure
  • Resistant to harsh environmental conditions