Expert Partial Discharge Detection Device




In electrical network components (transformers, energy cables, metal clad cells, rotary machines), aging, workmanship etc. XDP-II ™ is an Expert Partial Discharge Detector for the detection of isolation failures caused by causes. It offers many options used in partial discharge measurement methods to its users thanks to its expandable structure. The XDP-II ™ Expert Partial Discharge Detector enables the identification of partial discharge events with the phase synchronization module.

  • Instant partial discharge detection for transformers, power cables, metal clad cells and rotary machines
  • Expandable structure
  • Many real-time measurement options on-site
  • Compatible with HFCT, TEV, Acoustic, Bi-Phase Choupler sensors
  • High precision
  • Phase synchronization to define partial discharge measurements
  • Lightweight compact design
  • Internal battery
  • Internal memory for more than 380 data records
  • XDP software to analyze measurement data