Measurement of Power Quality Problems

Since its foundation, GENETEK has been offering solutions suitable for the needs of the industry in different fields under the roof of electrical engineering. With high-precision Class A power quality analyzers, it can perform measurements from multiple points simultaneously and can detect even the most demanding power quality events that affect the efficiency and continuity of the business.

Analysis of Power Quality Problems

Beyond the usual approaches in the sector with its staff, who are all electrical engineers, the experience and knowledge accumulated in the process from the determination of the source of the problem through detailed measurement and evaluation studies to modeling the appropriate solution methods on the numerical analysis software and package programs and presenting these solutions to the customer uses inside.


GENETEK has successfully implemented many projects since its establishment. Genetek, which has applications in many industrial facilities and electricity distribution networks of different sizes, especially in subjects such as automatic reporting, remote monitoring and monitoring of many measurement points, offers innovative solutions that are appropriate for the need by conducting science and practice together.


GENETEK served many businesses at different electrical system levels, especially the distribution industry. It provided a wide range of different consultancy services from determining the root cause of malfunctions in a facility to the preparation of future investment plans for a distribution system covering many provinces.