CYME software will be your biggest assistant in your engineering works for your facilities and equipment.


CYMGRD is an advanced substation grounding system design and analysis software that helps optimization of substation grounding, identify weak points of existing systems and strengthen them.

CYMGRD allows users to make fast and reliable designs with its ease of use and powerful visual graphics capabilities in data entries. The use of CYMGRD software allows rapid analysis of various design alternatives to select an economical solution for any specific installation.

The program complies with IEEE 80 ™ 2000, IEEE 81 ™ 1983 and IEEE 837 ™ 2002 standards..

Basic Package

In the Basic Package, you can analyze your grounding system, grounding conductors and rods based on the finite element method.
You can calculate the earth resistance, ground potential, touch and step voltage, and examine them with 2D and 3D visuals with strong graphical capabilities.

CYMGRD/AutoCAD® Interface

Generally, grounding diagrams are created using AutoCAD® software. It is a time-consuming process to recreate the once drawn model in the analysis program.
The CYMGRD / AutoCAD® Interface module allows the user to switch between AutoCAD® and CYMGRD software