CYME software will be your biggest assistant in your engineering works for your facilities and equipment.


CYME power systems analysis software is an advanced and comprehensive world-class simulation package designed for the fields of transmission, distribution and industrial energy systems. CYME has been developed to eliminate the complex problems arising in the work of electrical engineers who take an active role in the planning and operation of the power grid.

CYME has been used in thousands of transmission, distribution and industrial projects around the world for over 30 years. Thanks to its modular structure for user needs, CYME offers you the advantage of having the most ideal program.

Fault Analyses

The Fault Analysis module is an essential tool for determining short-circuit currents caused by different fault events, predicting fault locations, identifying incorrectly sized equipment in electrical power systems, and sizing various system components.

Power Flow Analysis

This module is the Power Flow Analysis module of CYME electrical engineering software for analysis of three-phase electrical networks. Equipped with powerful analytical options and alternative solution techniques.
The purpose of a power flow program is to analyze the steady state performance of the power system under various operating conditions. It is the fundamental analysis tool for planning, design and operation of the power system.

Advanced Project Manager

The Advanced Project Manager module is equipped with tools to helps engineers work with multiple scenarios and plan their projects in the most effective way.
It is a comprehensive module that supports the time-based and detailed preparation of projects to evaluate scenarios effectively..

Motor Starting Analysis

CYME has a Motor Start Analysis module to simulate dynamic, locked rotor and maximum motor starting analysis for synchronous and asynchronous motors.
This module is a robust and easy-to-use tool for evaluating voltage drops of system and acceleration times of motors using a variety of starting methods.

Geographic Overlay

With the CYME Geographic Overlay module, digital maps can be displayed in layers along with the network model.
The module allows the user to efficiently prepare planning and maintenance projects that consider relevant infrastructure information for electrical engineering.

Harmonic Analysis

Electronic devices and other non-linear loads connected to the power system generate harmonics that affect the power quality in the grid. Capacitors installed to improve system voltage and reduce losses can resonance if not selected appropriately.
This module is an indispensable tool that helps engineers evaluate the harmonic level and different correction methods in the network.

Load Flow Contingency (N-p)

This module is designed to assist in emergency analysis of utility networks. Works with CYME power flow analysis module.
The user can create emergency scenarios and single or multiple outage situations. Analyses the specified scenario conditions and compares the results with the base condition and connection model.

Protective Device Analysis

For users who want to reduce the impact caused by any short circuit in the network and minimize equipment failure, the correct selection of the protection device and settings are important issues.
CYME Protection Coordination Analysis module allows users to efficiently and correctly design and verify the protection coordination scheme.

Scripting Tool with Python®

Some of the work done to evaluate network operation and planned improvements can be repetitive and time consuming.
Aiming to facilitate the effort required to manually perform various simulations and customize work on CYME, the Python script can be integrated into CYME power system analysis software.

Transient Stability Analysis

The Transient Stability Analysis module of CYME energy engineering software was created to simulate electromechanical transitions in electrical power systems.
It has an extensive library of equipment and control models, a very flexible user interface, and the ability to create detailed graphics..

Voltage Stability Analysis

Voltage Stability Analysis module is prepared to evaluate the voltage safety of a power system. Nowadays, it becomes difficult to maintain voltage stability when planning and operating power systems.
The module is designed to overcome this challenge by evaluating the ability of a power system to keep voltage stable under different possibilities and loading conditions.

Optimal Power Flow

This module is designed to optimize system performance. Power flow solutions that do not contain any optimization techniques can identify a number of abnormal situations that may pose challenges for the planning engineer to resolve.
By carefully selecting the operating parameters and constraints, the CYME Optimal Power Flow Analysis module can solve the grid and any or all of these abnormal situations will be correct..

Arc Flash Hazards Analysis

Accurate assessment of the arc flash risk level helps to minimize operational delay and provide a safer working environment.
The Arc Flash Analysis module calculates the parameters required to assess the risk level and helps you adopt appropriate safety procedures to minimize the risk of burns and injuries for those working on or near powered equipment.

Automated Network Forecast Analysis

Automated Network Forecast Analysis module is an add-on to CYME software designed to helps you plan and manage expansions and changes over time in your distribution network.
It allows creating, viewing and modifying time-bound projects or scenarios in a selected period. This module will greatly help you in structuring distribution planning projects.

Contingency Assessment and Restoration

An unplanned power cut can easily compromise the safety of a power system. Identifying network weaknesses can help determine emergency switching plans.
CYME Contingency Assessment and Restoration ​Analysis module is a comprehensive tool to examine the impact of emergencies on the distribution system in order to find an optimum switching plan for power restoration.

DER Impact Evaluation

The proliferation of distributed energy resources (DER) brings new challenges to electricity distribution services. Assessing the impact of DER applications on the distribution system requires specialized resources and tools.
The CYME DER Impact Evaluation module allows engineers to perform in minutes through automation that a series of repetitive, time-consuming and error-prone work .

Distance Protection Analysis

CYME Distance Protection Analysis module is prepared to help users design and verify protection schemes including distance protection relays.
This module helps identify solutions to power system protection problems and difficulties detected by simulations in applications requiring distance protection.

Distribution State Estimator

The CYME Distribution State Estimator module has a refined algorithm that can process various measurements to estimate the power flow and voltages of the system, taking detailed network modeling to a newer level.
Unlike traditional algorithms such as power flow and load allocation, the module also considers voltage measurements relative to phase along with other measurements (Ampere, kW, kVAR).


EPRI DRIVE™ software determines the maximum amount of Distributed Generation the network can accommodate if it continues to run smoothly.
Transparently integrated into the CYME Software graphical user interface, the EPRI DRIVE ™ engine emerges as a native analysis module that combines the sophistication of EPRI engineering with the improvement of CYME's distribution system modeling and analysis capabilities.

Integration Capacity Analysis

The CYME Integration Capacity Analysis module calculates the generation unit or load-hosting capacity of a distribution system without sacrificing reliability and power quality.
As a result of CYME integration capacity analysis, a color-coded model can be created, and the most suitable connection points can be reported graphically.

Load Relief DER Optimization

CYME Load Relief DER Optimization module has been developed for engineers to efficiently design alternatives to reduce capacity problems on critical network assets.
The module includes two analyzes to meet the load demand. One is resource optimization, which can be energy storage or dispatchable generation. The other is the non-dispatchable energy source sizing analysis.

Low-Voltage Secondary Distribution Modeling and Analysis

With the growth of an interconnected energy system, a secondary distribution system may be needed.
The CYME Low Voltage Secondary Distribution Modeling and Analysis module allows detailed modeling and analysis of a new network at low voltage level.

Long-Term Dynamics Analysis

Increasing demand for clean renewable energy resources and the widespread use of distributed generation resources have required new simulation tools.
CYME Long Term Dynamic Analysis module provides a time-dependent simulation tool to study the effect of irradiance changes, wind fluctuations and load changes on control equipment and energy storage behavior in the network.

Microgrid Modeling and Analysis

The implementation of micro grids can bring various benefits to power utilities and customers: improved grid reliability and flexibility, loss reduction and cost savings, postponement of investments, etc.
CYME Micro Grid Modeling and Analysis module allows the user to analyze unprecedented simulations of micro grids in island mode or grid connected.

Network Configuration Optimization

One of the ways to optimize radial lines is to change the positions of the switching devices. Reconfiguring lines saves energy, resulting in economic gain, and lines can also be provided with more capacity for emergencies.
The Network Configuration Optimization module of CYME software helps you identify possible line configurations and switching positions to achieve an optimized distribution system.

Network Disturbance Assessment

In addition to connecting non-linear loads to the network, the expansion of distributed generation and power electronics applications causes the deterioration of power quality.
The module analyzes voltage variations and power quality parameters to help determine whether the connection of a load or generation unit to the system is acceptable based on a set of adjustable limits.

Online Maps Service

Electrical engineers use maps to pinpoint a substation, a specific line, or the address where a fault occurs.
With CYME Online Maps Service, you can now view the most frequently used online maps as the background to your georeferenced distribution system model.

Optimal Recloser Placement

Nowadays, the use of automatic recloser in electricity distribution networks is spreades. Engineers can use reliability indexes to decide where to install additional protective devices, but such an evaluation may not produce the most beneficial result.
This module provides a comprehensive assessment and suggests solutions that match your criteria.

Optimal Voltage Regulator Placement

The requirement to keep the voltage within the limits specified in the standards has always been an important part of distribution planning. One of the most used solutions is voltage regulators.
To help engineers solve this problem both economically and technically efficiently, CYME presents the Optimum Voltage Regulator Placement module.

Predictive and Historical Reliability Assessment

The Predictive and Historical Reliability Assessment module of CYME power engineering software calculates reliability indices for the entire system and the corresponding protection zones. The predictive model can be calibrated based on historical data.
The module is fully integrated into CYME software and provides a high degree of flexibility to analyze distribution system configurations.

Secondary Grid Network Analysis

Considering the interconnection possibilities in high load areas, a secondary network can be set up. Thus, the system gains back-up flexibility.
CYME Secondary Grid Network Analysis module allows modeling of the secondary grid and is equipped with robust power flow and short circuit algorithms to analyze such densely meshed networks.

Steady State Analysis with Load Profiles

New tools are required to take advantage of short-term load estimation and energy billing records in grid analysis.
CYME Steady State Analysis with Load Profiles module helps to distribution system analyze based on a combination of meter records and historical consumption patterns.

Enhanced Substation Modeling

The CYME Advanced Substation Modeling module allows the creation of comprehensive modeling of substation components required to perform comprehensive analysis such as power transients, impact on voltage regulation, and other phenomena within the substation.

Techno-Economic Analysis

Electricity companies and industrial facilities tries to achieve optimum return and long-term applicability from these investments while developing power systems.
CYME Techno-Economic Analysis module makes it easy to evaluate the feasibility and profitability of a project based on the system model with a realistic planning in line with technical, service reliability and financial goals.

Volt/VAR Optimization

In recent years, researches on smart grid technologies have been increasing in order to increase efficiency in energy supply.
The CYME Volt / VAR Optimization module is a powerful tool that helps to find the most suitable way to operate the distribution grid so that the demand of today and tomorrow can be met through energy efficiency improvement and demand reduction.

DC Arc Flash Hazards Analysis

Arc Flash events cause operational downtime and, more importantly, can significantly damage energized equipment or personnel working nearby.
DC Arc Flash Hazards Analysis module has been created to help users determine arc flash risk levels in DC networks and take necessary safety precautions.

DC Load Flow and Short-Circuit Analyses

Ensuring that DC devices in industrial systems operate safely and within parameters under various operating conditions is a concern for power quality.
DC Load Flow and Short Circuit Analysis modules have been developed to analyze DC network or equipment independently or depending on the AC system.

Low Voltage Cable Sizing

Being able to select the appropriate cables according to the right criteria is important to ensure that the installation is safe and that the cables run reliably during their expected service life.
The CYME Low Voltage Cable Sizing module helps the user when designing a system make this choice and analyze various operating conditions and cable loading.

Electrical Network Editor

This module is the graphical user interface underlying CYME analysis modules. It gives the user great flexibility in creating the single line diagram of the network and offers a wide variety of options to customize screens and reports.
CYME Network Modeling Editor is one of the most user friendly and powerful engineering tools available on the market.