Mobile Power Quality Analyzer

PQ-Box 50



The A-eberle PQ-Box 50 mobile power quality analyzer is a portable and very easy to use Class A power quality analyzer for a wide range of industrial and utility applications.

Thanks to its integrated power supply, robustness and compact design, it has an IP 65 protection class for use in particularly harsh industrial plant environments.

  • 20.48 kHz sampling frequency
  • Class A class according to IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3
  • 1 GB memory
  • Built-in battery that allows one and a half hours of measurement in case of supply voltage interruption
  • IP 65 protection class
  • Freely adjustable recording interval from 20 ms to 30 minutes
  • Registration of basic electrical parameters
  • Current and voltage up to 50th harmonic component maximum minimum and average value recording
  • Total harmonic distortion record for voltage and current
  • Recording of the harharmonic values ​​for voltage and current
  • Flicker record
  • 10 ms RMS and oscilloscope event recording
  • Current and voltage RMS value, phase shift, envelope, periodic event trigger for event recording
  • Free WiNPQ mobile evaluation software
  • Evaluation of voltage quality events according to EN50160 and IEC-61000-2-2 / 2-4 standards

WinPQ mobil: PQ-Boxen (32 bit-Version)

WinPQ mobil: PQ-Boxen (64 bit-Version)

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Firmware PQ-Boxen (DE/EN/ES)
Attention! As from now, the firmware of the mobile Power Quality Analyzers PQ-Boxes is integrated in the software WinPQ mobile. Please install the actual WinPQ mobile via the following Link.