Mobile Power Quality Analyzer

PQ-Box 150



The A-Eberle PQ-Box 150 mobile power quality analyzer is a Class A class for detecting power quality events in the power grid and industrial facilities. Developed as IP 65 for demanding measuring conditions. Thanks to Basic, Basic+, Light and Expert options, A-Eberle PQ-Box 150 mobile power quality analyzers are a suitable solution partner for different measurement studies.

  • 20.48 kHz sampling frequency
  • Class A class according to IEC 61000-4-30 Ed.3
  • 4 GB memory (can be increased up to 32 GB)
  • Built-in battery that allows 4 hours of measurement in case of supply voltage interruption
  • IP 65 protection class
  • Freely adjustable recording interval from 20 ms to 30 minutes
  • Registration of basic electrical parameters
  • Current and voltage up to 50th harmonic component maximum minimum and average value recording
  • Total harmonic distortion record for voltage and current
  • Recording of the harharmonic values ​​for voltage and current
  • Recording of voltage and current harmonics between 2-9 kHz
  • Flicker record
  • 10 ms RMS and oscilloscope event recording
  • Manual, current and voltage RMS value, phase shift, envelope, periodic event trigger for event recording
  • Free WiNPQ mobile evaluation software
  • Evaluation of voltage quality events according to EN50160 and IEC-61000-2-2 / 2-4 standards
  • Optional Wifi Option

Firmware PQ-Boxen  (DE/EN/ES)

Attention! As from now, the firmware of the mobile Power Quality Analyzers PQ-Boxes is integrated in the software WinPQ mobile. Please install the actual WinPQ mobile via the following Link.