Moisture Monitoring and Drying System




Moisture formation in power transformers causes the insulation materials to deteriorate. More than 95% of the moisture generated in transformers is absorbed by the insulating paper. With the increase of humidity in transformers, insulation problems may be encountered and partial discharge events occur in the windings. Humidity formed in transformers affects the useful life of transformers, increases the risk of interruptions and affects energy continuity.

TRANSEC ensures the drying of the moisture created in transformers under operating conditions and significantly increases the service life of transformers.

TRANSEC CL3A; It has high moisture capacity (12 liters) for transformers with power values of 10 MVA and above.

TRANSEC CL1A; It has high moisture capacity (4 liters) for transformers with power values of 10 MVA and below.

  • Prevents the formation of moisture in transformers continuously,
  • Increases the lifecyle of transformers,
  • Provides energy continuity,
  • Provides long-term solution to its users with its high moisture capacity,
  • Provides continuous monitoring of moisture formation in transformers,
  • Provides condition-based maintenance of transformers without interruption,
Model CL3 CL1
in Frame in Cabinet In Frame
Weight, kg 220 350 90
Dimension (HxWxD), mm 1950x705x320 2300x915x435 1950x455x320
Material 304 grade stainless steel
Environmental Condition 0°C to + 90°C
Water capacity, litre 3 x 4 = 12 4
Transformer size > 10 MVA < 10 MVA
Protection class of cabinet/frame Designed to comply with IP64 (in frame) / IP65 (in enclosure)
Installation time, h 5–6 (with two specialists)
Max oil temp, C 110°
Pump capacity, l/hr 90
Electrical supply for pump 240V; 50Hz; 0.27kW / (120V; 60Hz – possible)
Pipes Stainless steel pipes bent on site or hydraulic flexible pipes;

Flange adaptors, non-return valves and bleed valve

Modules (optional) Output : Analogue 0-20mA or 4-20mA for SCADA
Temperature and Moisture probes at inlet and outlet with local LCD display
Monitoring for ppm and temperature.
IEC61850 SCADA integration via Ethernet or fibre optic
Type Test System pressurised to 3 bar for 1 hour at 110ºC (pump not running) to prove leak free
Routine Test Each unit is tested pressurised to 2 bar for 30 minutes at 60ºC to prove leak free.