Overheating Prevention System




Faults that may occur in network components, which play key roles in electrical networks and have high initial investment costs, affect energy continuity and reliability. Various maintenance methods are applied for preventive maintenance and predictive maintenance for faults in network components in the world. In order to prevent unplanned outages, methods developed to continuously evaluate the current conditions of electrical equipment are quickly integrated into the power system.

FIPRES is an innovative unique technology product that provides protection before fire hazards occur as a result of electrical failures.

  • Overload
  • Switching
  • Lightning
  • Loose Connection
  • Partial Discharges


  • FIBRES reacts earlier than the fire detection systems used.
  • Detects overheating points before a dangerous situation occurs
  • Provides continuous monitoring of equipment
  • Allows examination of equipment and workmanship quality in condition-based maintenance works,