Distribution Transformer Tester




Operators spend time re-commissioning transformers that are disabled due to difficult natural events such as storms, as well as electrical events such as malfunctions in the energy network. However, a transformer can be damaged much more during commissioning due to a damaged or faulty structural component. NDB-DOC-3 ™ is a useful and reliable device for determining whether the transformer can be safely commissioned. NDB-DOC-3 ™ is a tester developed for distribution transformers in the power range from 5kVA to 3MVA. It enables the detection of short circuits and open circuits present in the primary winding of the transformer and short circuits in the secondary winding.

  • Detection of short circuits and open circuits in primary winding and short circuits in secondary winding
  • Visual and audible warning
  • Suitable for use in transformers between 5kVA and 3MVA
  • Up to 8 hours of internal battery
  • Testing only with primary connection

Brochure NDB-DOC-3 (EN)

Flyer NDB-DOC-3  (EN)