Multi Channel Temperature Measurement and Remote Monitoring Module

Multi Channel Temperature Measurement and Remote Monitoring Module


The multi channel temperature data logger is a measurement and data collector module with internal cellular communication function. With this module, temperature values of four different points can be measured and recorded. Temperature monitoring module records the measured data and sends this packages to data server.

With internal batteries, temperature monitoring module can measure four different channels without any need for auxiliary power supply. Robust and reliable design includes IP67 enclosure which provide resistance to dust and water which enables using the monitoring module in harsh environment.

Measured values can be visualised on web-based user interface and raw data can be downloaded for further evaluations.

With internal battery and cellular modem, temperature monitoring module already has everything it needs. Just locate temperature module on desired points of measurement and module will do the rest.

Temperature monitoring module can store thousands of records from different channels easily in internal memory in the absent of cellular communication. These values can be sent when the communication establishes.

We provide web-based user interface with visualisation functions which enables to draw trend graphics for recorded values with temperature monitoring module.

Without any moving part, temperature monitoring module is durable and has resistance to harsh environment with IP67 protection enclosure.