Directional Earth Fault Detection Device




A-eberle EOR-3D is a compact device developed for directional detection of faults occurring in electrical networks. It has superior performance for the detection of faults that may occur in the electricity network with different fault detection methods. EOR-3D is a specialist solution for detecting recurring faults, especially in wired networks.

  • Directional detection of earth and short circuit faults
  • Six different detection methods for the detection of faults
  • Transient method
    • qu2 method
    • qui method
    • Active power direction (cosϕ) method
    • Harmonic method
    • Impact method
    • Reactive power direction (sinϕ) method
  • Two different design options
  • 2 binary inputs and 8 binary outputs
  • 4 GB of data memory
  • Failure record for analysis of faults that occur
  • Recording of system parameters (U, I, P, Q, S, f)
  • Optional communication option (IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101… 103… 104, Modbus etc.)
  • Free user-friendly software