Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)



A-eberle REG-DA automatic voltage regulators are the most suitable solution for controlling and monitoring transformers and reactors with tap changers. REG-DA automatic voltage regulators have a user-friendly interface with freely configurable and programmable structure.

In addition to voltage regulation, it has six different unique features. With the measurement feature, it constantly compares the limit values ​​with the measured values ​​to send the optimum number of switching commands to the tap changers of the reactors or transformers. The measured values ​​are saved thanks to the recording feature of REG-DA automatic voltage regulators and are presented to the system operator as statistical information. Transformers are operated separately or in parallel in electrical networks and industrial enterprises. A-eberle REG-DA automatic voltage regulators can control the parallel operation operation with the signals received from the switching and protection equipment in order to minimize the circulation currents that will occur during the parallel operation of the transformers. In addition, A-eberle REG-DA automatic voltage regulators allow the monitoring of transformer parameters with the help of sensors positioned in transformers thanks to the transformer monitoring module.

  • Automatic voltage regulating transformers and tap changers reactor
  • Freely configurable compact structure
  • Freely programmable plc functions
  • Voltage drop compensation
  • Measurement of basic parameters such as voltage, current, power, power factor and frequency
  • Instant monitoring of measured values
  • Freely programmable control structure according to special requests and functions
  • Numerical and statistical information about tap change operations
  • Parallel operation opportunity up to 10 transformers
  • Oil temperature, tap changer position etc. analog input for applications
  • 14 programmable binary inputs and 11 binary outputs
  • Optional communication option (IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-101… 103… 104, Modbus etc.)
  • WinREG software for device parameterization, data display and archiving