Low Voltage Regulation System




Voltage fluctuations in low voltage networks according to EN 50160 Standard are allowed up to ± 10% of nominal voltage level. Fluctuations in the mains voltage reduce the efficiency and life of the equipment used. The optimum operating voltages of the equipment used are the nominal mains voltage. The LVRSys ™ Low Voltage Regulation System is the fast and optimum cost-effective solution against fluctuations in grid voltage.

  • Low voltage voltage regulation
  • Twenty billion switching lives
  • Resistance to short circuit current up to 50 kA
  • Resistant to overvoltage and lightning events
  • Ability to use as a cable distribution board
  • Connection with NH fuse-switch disconnectors
  • Maximum security against crashes
  • <30 ms-100 s adjustable response time
  • Flexible control algorithms can be adapted to different applications
  • Performing voltage control at any point or according to the end consumer
  • Does not create harmonics and flicker in the network
  • Arranging each phase independently
  • Possibility of bypass
  • No need to change existing protection structure
  • High efficiency
  • Ability to work at ambient temperature between -40 ° C and +50 ° C
  • Effective passive cooling, even in sunlight
  • IP 66 protection class
  • Data transfer via USB
  • Firmware update via USB or SCADA
  • Easy communication with common communication protocols such as Modbus TCP, IEC 60870-5-104

Firmware LVRSys™ für EVU
Devices delivered from 01/2017

Change list LVRSys™ FW 12.00.05 (EN)
to version 12.00.04

Firmware LVRSys™ für EVU_2016_1
Devices delivered until 01/2017 (two-stage Update 1/2)

Firmware LVRSys™ für EVU_2016_2
Devices delivered until 01/2017 (two-stage Update 2/2)