Partial Discharge Detector for Medium Voltage Equipment




Surge arresters are elements used in the electrical network for protection. The problems occurring in these elements are an important factor leading to failure of the network components and a decrease in their lifetime. In case of overvoltage in the surge arresters whose insulation level is damaged, the damages that occur are serious, and it causes the questioning of reliability and high costs as a result of failure for both electricity suppliers and customers. ADD™ surge arrester is a partial discharge detection device for medium voltage equipment such as dry-type transformers, bushings and insulators. The partial discharge level can be determined both visually and audibly. Measurements can be monitored remotely and safely thanks to the hand-held digital monitoring unit that establishes a wireless connection with ADD™.

  • Parafudr, kuru tip transformatör, buşing ve izolatörler gibi orta gerilim ekipmanları için kısmi deşarj tespiti
  • Görsel ve sesli sonuç bildirimi
  • Sayısal izleme ünitesi
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